The mobile market in India is surely a hot one. And there are reasons for it. the number of mobile users in India are going to reach 314 million in the next two years. And those are pretty sizzling numbers for the phone companies which are vying to capture chunks of the Indian mobile markets. It can be safely said that any phone brand that captures the Indian market is on its way to make it to the top slot of mobile brands. In such a highly competitive market, which are the brands that are really worth looking at, which are the ones that stand out through cool design and stunning technology, which are the elite players that captures popular imagination.

Some Quick Facts About Indian Smartphone Market

1>Android has 97% Percent market share in Indian Smartphone market. while Apple’s iOS has 2.5%.

2> Indian Smartphone Market saw growth of 23% in 2016 while Worldwide smartphone market saw a flat growth (0-5%) for first time.

3>Vivo recorded the highest growth of 759 percent in 2016.

4>Chinese Smartphone companies holds 21% Market share in India.

Here Are The List Of Top 10 Mobile Phone Companies in India


This South Korean behemoth reigns the smartphone market in India with almost 31 per cent market share. With a largest range of handsets and a wide price range, it appeals to every class of consumer with innovative features and sleek design. Over the years, they have triggered a revolution with their curved screen technology and great sensor features.
2. Intex

Another successful maker of Smartphones from India. Intext intially manufactured Speakers and other Computer Accessories and in last few years focused its business towards manufacturing Android phones which saw a huge success in India.
3. Motorola

After being bought by Google, Motorola had a makeover. The phones it started to release were excellent and even after being bought by Lenovo it still is releasing great phones. The Moto X was a phone which had high amounts of customization and great specs. The Moto X line went on ahead and it now has 2 new smartphones which are offering flagship quality specifications at low prices.

Fastest growing Smartphone brand in India. It is a Chinese manufacturer and marketing extensively in Tier I and Tier II Cities. Vivo saw a growth of 759 percent (YoY) in Q1 2016. Its two main features are Hi-Fi (High-Fidelity Sound) and Smart (Intuitive Interaction System).
5. Apple

This American company occupies the second position since it goes without fear where no phone maker would ever go. Brilliant engineering, innovative features and stunning design is what sets Apple apart. The iPhone has had several versions and all of them had amazing sales records.
6. Micromax

Micromax makes it to this list of bigwigs since it’s the first Indian mobile company which has been able to optimize the technology of a smart phone to meet the requirements of the middle class man. Enter smart phones which are actually economical.The Canvas series has had some great releases and it is their main line of phones. They even created phones with cyanogen mod running in them.
7. Lyf

Within 10 Months of its launch Lyf or Reliance Lyf became 7th most popular brand in India in Smartphone market Owned by Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Retail and operated along Reliance Jio the 4g Network of India by Reliance. LYF smartphones are manufactured by Chinese handset maker ZTE Corporation.
8. HTC

HTC has always been reputed brand. Their phones are classy and live up to the name, especially the top-end ones. The Taiwanese company has recently racked in good sales with their mid-range smartphones while their One Series has had some series fans because of their design and innovation. Despite that the company’s flagships have had a rocky ride, and the company is hoping it will turn around its fate soon enough.
9. LG

LG makes it to this list mainly because of their innovation. In their latest smartphone, they have an extra display; one of their phones even had a flexible body. Despite an amazing series – the G series which has amazing smartphones- this South Korean giant has always had a low profile in India.The audience will have to wait for LG’s next surprise.
10. SONY
This Japanese giant has done a remarkable job with their phones. They have been in this business for a long time. Their phones run on Android and they have phones in almost all the price ranges. Sony has its Z series as its flagship devices.

Sony Xperia Z5 is the latest version of it. It has three models. The Z5 premium, as the name suggests, is their most premium phone to date.


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